the pending text

The preparation of a novel concerning the blurred distinction between the real city and a literary construction is shaped through an assemblage of printed material on a shelf, in the main venue of the Athens Biennale, Diplareios School, Plateia Theatrou. Collected images, texts, notes, images that refer to the novel and the text's first drafts form a collection of printed and bounded volumes and circular plexiglass prints, enriched week by week during the period of the biennial while the works for the novel were evolving; the presentation of the works for the novel is followed by some descriptions and remarks concerning the situation in Athens during the same period.


Athens during this period occupies the interest of the financial world. The material collected for the new untitled text is divided into two categories, already defined by the novel's plot. The first category concerns a pragmatic reference to a real world and the second one concerns the construction of a non-pragmatic reference, created to be inhabited. A material description of the situation in Athens and an orchestration of fictional data assembled in order to propose the virtual stage of the narration are juxtaposed.

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The work was presented during the period of negotiations about the eurozone measures concerning Greece, a period that was characterized by a repeated postponement of any decision concerning the regulation of Greece's debt.


The assembled material included at the end of the show 4 versions of the text, a collection of photos of Athens during this time, a collection of photos from the rooms used and photographed by the writer while writing, photographs of notes, a series of articles from the digital press concerning the negotiations and the evolution of the Greek debt crisis during those months, images from the athenian riots from the TV and images created in order to represent a virtual island described in the novel. The versions of the literature text under preparation are printed in parallel to a description of Athens that the writer undertakes to do publicly during those days, published in a twitter account in Greek. The project was produced in collaboration with kernel for Word of Mouth.

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