The Meteorite Unit

Dezeen published an architectonic description of the Meteorite Unit. Α simple inversion was the first quest that inaugurated this project. The reversal had an urban value. What would happen if the typical block of Athens would turn inside out through a decision that necessarily concerns a minor part of it, one small propriety? The challenge was to convince that even on a such small scale building we could think about the reversal in an urban level.

Increasingly one has less reasons to go out onto balconies in Athens. We find less reasons to have street windows in the buildings. Street balconies are prescribed by building regulations with great accuracy but they do not represent any more any particular option of use in this city. In the Meteorite Unit the reversal strategy concerns the front and rear of the building. It is performed in an emblematic way including a change in the position of the windows. A building skin elaborated with reused metallic grids is proposed to the street, while the openings of the building are found in a new interior space. An urban plateau is proposed for the city, created out of the private space of the site. The focus of the building was shifted to the interior of the urban fabric and the decisions about the building mold the urban fabric.
Meteorite Unit

[ First prize for unrealized building 2008 - 2011 by the jury of Steven Hall, Finn Geipel and Panagiotis Tournikiotis, DOMES review of architecture ]

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