waste design strategies

Positive and negative re-use.

dpr-Barcelona published last week the waste design project. The challenge was to re-use construction waste in order to built new "buildings". The waste is used in its most "clear" form: in this work the waste can be read either as a series of finds or as a mass. A combination of these two understandings of waste form the design mechanism of this offices "waste tower". A mass of waste is shaped for its main building. Some old big recipients are chosen to organize a green elevation.
We can argue that the reinterpretation of a find is a positive reconstruction of it. We reorganize a strategy for an object while we re-invent a possible re-constitution of it. In a second productive mode the object was deluded in a volume of mixed recycled mass.
How an architecture can be thought in this frame? Architecture will either be condensed in a operation concerning the object or it will occur as a creation of empty spaces in a mass of "lost finds". A complex attitude that uses recycled objects in order to create such voids in the mixed material mass could be the work of a negative design. It is supposed to create negative places out of the use of tanks, kegs and other preexisting structures that can permit the creation of vacant places. In a smaller scale, plain volumes can be used in order to give form to "furniture" designed negatively.

construction waste

The proposed building can be used as a particular office complex. It is constituted by 3 different distinct volumes: the first is a scaffold designed as a staircase and corridor structure that is linked to the second volume through some light bridges. The second volume negotiates the idea of negative design in the particular case of an installation that receives in its interior old used kegs. The third is a proposed structure that could be named floating garden and may be seen as another tactic for reuse of tanks, stabilizing them through strong and thin titanium beams and columns in order to create a vertical garden.


the flickr set on the project

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