an apartment in the keg vehicle

2 versions for a keg vehicle transformation to an apartment. The space is visited through the roof openings with the use of vertical ladders. A big circular window is proposed for the part of the vehicle that is turned to the front cabin of the truck. For this purpose a reinforcement of this front part will be necessary.
KEG  apartment#01
keg plankeg plan
KEG apartment#02
A design in such a procedure, is the formation of a particular naming. Furthermore the deformation of an existing way to name particular things; the importance of a particular find is always in the center of such a procedure. An archeology of a given thing calls an architect to discover, crop, cut, paste, distort and transform. This intellectual act and this architectonic act is ruled by some commands of photoshop. Images have a strange role in this particular archeology of the surplus. We share its items as if we share concepts. Some Sol Lewitt's sentences on conceptual art can have a different meaning here: 'Ideas can be works of art'. 'If words are used, and they proceed from ideas about art, then they are art and not literature; numbers are not mathematics'. 'All ideas are art if they are concerned with art and fall within the conventions of art'.
KEG drawings
KEG apartment
A constructive naïveté, where naming and defining is in the same time identified to the artistic character and to the 'work of art' 'itself', is under preparation. We examine fragments cut out from their background and rediscover new possible promises that they could give us. An ironic post digital culture will investigate the depth of this present civilization of the plethora.
The keg apartment is proposed as a program. The keg wagons can be detached from their cars and can form more stable units for a certain period. We can imagine areas where a number of keg vehicles can structure a slow mobile community that could arrange the nearness or the distance to particular neighbors through the particular place that each apartment could have.
KEG apartments in landscape
The project was published by Ethel Baraona Pohl. Posted also by designboom, abitare, eatingbark, arkitekturaz al dia and some more: wellandgood, doobybrain, likecool, oobject, appzombie, opendeco, io9, expresslayout, fhycse, thedesignblog, kcsr, iamchic, apartmenttherapy, gizmodo, inhabitat.

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