Aristide Antonas is conceived as an observer. He will form his identity through the things he sees. A collection of such things gives an idea about the person that is under construction.

the construction of the person is its division by certain conceptual regions announced through tags


minister of enlightenment said...

not necessarily

gregorios pharmakis said...

not necessarily, correct,

delta-kapa said...
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delta-kapa said...

Βλέπω μια, σχετική φυσικά, συγγένεια. Οι φωτογραφίες με κάνουν περίεργο για τις ιστορίες που κρύβονται από πίσω. Αυτό το απολαμβάνω.

voice-content Berlin στο flickr
voice-content Colonia στο flickr

gregorios pharmakis said...

press tag "lemma" to read more on the person's problematic constitution